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Let's Assist You to Reach the Best

Participants in international fairs focus to achieve their organizational objectives. However, it is revealed by surveys that they have to waste noticeable part of their time on arranging necessary affairs like accommodation, transportation, food, stand decoration and so forth. In this way, if participants are not familiar with cultures and relationships, this procedure can take long time.

Thus, a package has been arranged to help companies reach their goals for participating in exhibition and also to decrease or eliminate unnecessary distractions. In addition, as services provided are purchased in advance and significant quantities, we’re able to offer the best quality with much more reasonable prices in comparison with what participants can purchase independently.


It is believed that one of the most important events in each industry is exhibitions. A sponsorship package provides the opportunity for being introduced as an international exhibition sponsor which helps companies to be introduced or known, perfectly. So, in one hand, sponsors will benefit from having their name in the popular and relevant publications and advertisements and on the other hand, they will be remembered along with the most important event of their industry.

The mentioned package consists of following items which in some fairs can be purchased separately. By purchasing any of these items, the sponsor would be introduced in that selected advertising method.

Exhibition Poster: It will be distributed among companies and used in the exhibition.
Billboard: This method is one of the most effective ones which would be chosen consciously.
Magazine and Journals: It can be said that one of the main sources of each industry iare relevant journals.
Exhibition book: It is the main and the most reliable database for people to look for producers, which will be used for ages.
Newspapers: In each industry, there are some specific newspapers which are really popular. We collect the important ones and introduce both the exhibition and sponsor, inside. 
Exhibition website: This is the main internationally accessible database in the world for each particular exhibition.
Exhibition map: During any exhibition, there is a map distributed among visitor in order to help them find the required information about trade show.

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In order to provide the most appropriate service we have gathered the most reliable team which consist of most experienced people and organizations like Banian Omid, Ghorfeh ,Octiran and other key player in this field.