International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex)

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - Sunday, November 25, 2018


Exhibition Title:

The 12th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2017)

Industry Sector: Flour & Bakery Industry
Organizers: ITG
Venue: Tehran Permanent Fair ground, Chamran Highway, Teharn, Iran
Previous event covered area: 17,000
Next event expecting area: 23,000
Sponsors: GTC
Frequency: Annual


The 10th International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex2014) will take place in Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground from 6th to 9th Dec. 2016. Ibex 2016 also shows you how to invest in this multimillion dollar business, and create a platform for interaction and cooperation in this field.


Exhibition Goals:

  • Culturalization and alteration of archetype flour and bread’s production and consumption.
  • Increase the trade and investment activities in flour and bakery industry in support of construction and development of domestic industrial bakery units.
  • An organized movement in private sector of the production and supply chain of raw materials for bread production.
  • Creation of a platform to provide maximum capacity and capabilities of domestic companies, in the field of flour and bakery machine & industries. 
  • creation of a new stage for interaction and cooperation in flour and bakery industry.


  • Standardizing production and trade activities related to flour and bakery industry.
  • Implementing standards on bread production processes and machines
  • Fulfilling the principles relevant to independent machineries associated with flour and bread production

Ibex 2013 is a unique event which attracts:


  • Manufacturers of Bakery Machineries & Equipment
  • Manufacturers of Flour Producing Machineries & Equipment
  • Manufacturers of Bread Packaging Machineries & Equipment
  • Industrial Bread Producers
  • Flour Producers
  • Silo Producers
  • Yeast Producers
  • Producers of Enzymes
  • Bakery Industry Consultants
  • Producers of Laboratory Equipment
  • Related Unions, Industries & Organizations
  • Related Press, Media & Decorations
  • Others

The first bakery industry exhibition, ibex 2007, was the beginning of using industrial bread in Iran. The second bakery exhibition, ibex 2008, was so prosperous by having domestic and overseas companies' participation.

We had also Flour Producing Companies, Manufacturers of Bread Industry Machineries & Equipment, Pastry-Making and Packaging Machineries, Enzymes & Yeast Providers, Device and Material Producers, Laboratory and Measuring Equipment and advisors in ibex 2009 and ibex 2010 who introduced their technologies in it.